Poker is a card game that involves a deck of 52 cards. Some variants add jokers or use more than one pack of cards. The cards are ranked from Ace high to Ace low. The highest five cards in a hand win. Any other five cards are not counted toward a hand. Typically, players have five cards each. In some variants, Wild Cards can substitute for any card in the deck.

Poker originated in Persia, but there is a greater likelihood that the first game of poker was played in Europe. Its name comes from the French game poque, which developed alongside the German poker game pochen and a new version of the Spanish primero. It eventually made its way to the New World, thanks to French settlers.

A redealt flop occurs when the dealer flops too many cards, or prematurely. The deck is then cut, and the dealer deals another flop. This time, the dealer does not burn the card. Those cards are then mixed with the rest of the deck. After the redealt flop, the same dealer deals again, but without the burning card.

In most forms of poker, there is a mandatory ante or blind bet that must be placed at the start of the hand. The small blind is the first bet, and the big blind is the second. Depending on the form of the game, the big blind and small blind are the two first bets. These bets serve as the initial betting amount, and they give the players something to chase after.