Slot is a game where the player attempts to line up symbols on one of nine different lines. The game also offers the option of winning ten free games when three or more flasks of rum form a line. We’ve kept this demo simple and simple to keep the focus on Felgo’s capabilities, but it’s up to you to transform the code of this game into your own full-fledged slot machine that perfectly fits your needs.

Slot machines have a reputation for being wildly addictive. They were once considered marginal to the gambling industry, but today they account for 85 percent of casino profits. The rise of slots has been fueled by advances in technology, including better computerization that allows casinos to tightly control odds and percentage payback. But even more importantly, the machines themselves have been carefully engineered to exploit psychology.

For example, many studies have shown that visual feedback (i.e., near miss) is reinforcing, and that this feedback bolsters a player’s perception of the chance of a win. This effect is similar to the reason why a player will continue to shoot baskets after they miss a few—the visual aspect of a missed basket looks very much like a basket that could have been made.

In a study that is frequently cited in the literature, Kassinove and Schare manipulated the frequency of wins and near misses on a four-reel slot machine simulation that participants played for money. They found that when there was a greater likelihood of a win, players stayed longer, but when the probability of a near miss was increased, they left the machine sooner.